The Company, under the leadership of HModa Group, is committed to the principles of sustainable development, social responsibility and transparency. Our approach to sustainability began with an awareness of the need for a cultural transformation that would be able to provide Group Companies with the tools to improve the well-being of their People and decrease their environmental impact while ensuring prosperous Corporate growth.
In this journey, we are supported by the HModa department HPlanet, which is responsible for outlining the sustainability strategy and materializing it into actions for environmental protection, People development and economic development.
We are taking action on our environmental footprint to reduce it, through the supply of 100% energy from renewable sources so as not to jeopardize the availability of resources to future generations and by sourcing from photovoltaic systems. Attention to our consumption is close to our hearts, and for years we have been pursuing continuous improvement to decrease our impact.
We are working on numerous projects that address all ESG spheres, committing ourselves to generating value in the area in which we operate.
We consider training an indispensable value, which is why we invest a lot of energy in ensuring accurate training and continuous professional development for our People.

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